Track: Elbow Surgery

Elbow Surgery


The advancement of elbow surgery represents a dynamic field continuously evolving to enhance patient care and surgical outcomes. Key strides include the adoption of minimally invasive techniques, notably arthroscopic surgery, which enables surgeons to address elbow conditions through smaller incisions, resulting in reduced tissue trauma, faster recovery times, and improved cosmetic outcomes. Moreover, advancements in implant design and materials have revolutionized elbow arthroplasty, offering more durable and anatomically compatible options that restore function and longevity to the joint. Enhanced imaging modalities, such as MRI and CT scans, empower surgeons with detailed preoperative planning and intraoperative navigation, optimizing surgical precision and patient safety. Biologic therapies and tissue engineering hold promise for promoting tissue healing and regeneration, particularly in cases of cartilage and ligament injuries. Furthermore, the integration of computer-assisted surgery and 3D printing technology enables customized treatment approaches tailored to individual patient anatomy and pathology.  Pathologies affecting the elbow range from fractures, dislocations, ligament tears, and tendonitis to arthritis and nerve compression syndromes, often stemming from trauma, overuse, or degeneration. Surgical interventions tailored to these conditions vary widely, including fracture fixation, ligament reconstruction, tendon repair, arthroscopic surgery for intra-articular pathologies, joint replacement (arthroplasty), and nerve decompression procedures. These techniques aim to alleviate pain, restore function, and improve quality of life for individuals with elbow pathology, with treatment strategies tailored to each patient's specific condition and needs. Advances in surgical techniques, imaging modalities, and rehabilitation protocols continue to drive improvements in outcomes and patient care, further solidifying the role of elbow surgery in orthopedic practice.

·        Anatomy and Evaluation
·        Instability and throwing injuries
·        Tendon Conditions & Tears
·        Arthritis & Stiffness
·        Elbow Arthroplasty
·        Elbow Arthroscopy

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