Track: Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery


Hand surgery, a specialized field focusing on the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of conditions affecting the hand, wrist, and upper extremity, has undergone significant advancements in recent years. Minimally invasive techniques have revolutionized surgical approaches, enabling smaller incisions, reduced tissue trauma, and faster recovery times. These techniques are particularly beneficial for conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger. Advanced imaging technologies, such as MRI and CT scans, provide detailed insights into hand anatomy, facilitating precise diagnosis and treatment planning. Microsurgery techniques have improved outcomes for reconstructive procedures, including tendon repairs and nerve grafting. Regenerative medicine approaches, such as PRP therapy and stem cell treatments, offer potential for enhancing tissue healing in conditions like arthritis. Interdisciplinary collaboration among hand surgeons, orthopedic specialists, and rehabilitation therapists ensures comprehensive care, aiming to restore function and improve the quality of life for patients with hand and upper extremity disorders.

·        Hand Introduction
·        Hand Trauma
·        Microsurgery
·        Neuropathies
·        Degenerative Conditions
·        Pediatric Hand
·        Hand Tumors & Lesions

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