Track: Bone and Joint Infections

Bone and Joint Infections


Bone and joint infections, also known as musculoskeletal infections, are serious conditions that can result from bacterial, fungal, or viral pathogens infiltrating the bones, joints, or surrounding tissues. Recent advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of these infections have significantly improved patient outcomes and reduced the risk of long-term complications. One notable development is the use of advanced imaging techniques such as MRI and PET-CT scans, which enable early detection and accurate localization of infections, facilitating prompt initiation of appropriate treatment. Additionally, there has been a shift towards a multidisciplinary approach to management, involving orthopedic surgeons, infectious disease specialists, microbiologists, and radiologists, to ensure comprehensive care and optimal outcomes. Treatment typically involves a combination of antimicrobial therapy, surgical debridement or drainage of infected tissues, and in some cases, the use of local antibiotic delivery systems or biofilm-disrupting agents to eradicate stubborn infections. Moreover, the emergence of antibiotic stewardship programs and the development of novel antimicrobial agents have helped address the challenge of antibiotic resistance and improve the effectiveness of treatment regimens. With ongoing research and advancements in diagnostic techniques, treatment modalities, and infection prevention strategies, the prognosis for patients with bone and joint infections continues to improve, highlighting the importance of early recognition, prompt intervention, and multidisciplinary collaboration in managing these complex conditions.

·        Pathology
·        Bone Tumors
·        Soft Tissue Tumors
·        Prevention and Management
·        Micrological aspects - Diagnosis of bone and joint infection

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