Session: Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery


Spine Surgery is a procedure to treat possible structural abnormalities and to provide treatment for serious musculoskeletal injuries or nerve compression. Minimally invasive spine (MIS) surgery is to stabilize the vertebral bones and spinal joints or to relieve pressure which is being applied to the spinal nerves often a result of conditions such as spinal instability, bone spurs, herniated discs, and scoliosis or spinal tumors. Spinal surgeries are performed to correct spinal pathologies which cause pain. And this surgical approach is used to relieve the pain or numbness which associated with the pain, it may often radiates to other areas of the back, arms and legs.

·         Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
·         Diagnosis and Treatment
·         Osteoporosis and Spine Fractures
·         Spinal Osteoarthritis