About Webinar

On behalf of Organizing Committee of Arthroplasty 2022, We are pleased to announce the “2nd International Webinar on Arthroplasty and Orthopedic Surgery” scheduled during December 8-9, 2022. Arthroplasty 2022 Webinar offers an enthusiastic opportunity for the growing generations occupied in various researches to improve their abilities in the field of Orthopedic Surgery. It will also include an extensive update on the current developments, recent innovations, new approaches, practical challenges encountered, preoperative and postoperative management in the field on orthopedics. In addition to this, the participants will learn about recent trials being practiced that are likely to influence future practices. This Arthroplasty 2022 Webinar is the premier forum for professors, researchers, students, members from the renowned societies and institutes, from academia and industry to explore their shared interest in the field of Arthroplasty and Orthopedic Surgery.

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