Session: Fractures



Fractures is a medical condition where there is damage in the continuity of the bone. The causes of bone fracture are high force impact or stress on bones. In some cases, the fractures are caused due to some medical conditions and diseases which weakens the bones which are known as pathological fractures. The fractures are occurred due to many conditions where the bones may completely fracture or partially fractured or broken into pieces or it may broke are crosswise, lengthwise or in multiple pieces. Based on causes and symptoms of the bone fractures divided into groups with their respective medical care and treatments. The risk factors which are caused during the primary level of orthopedic trauma and neurovascular and soft tissue damages are considered acute. In different circumstances factors caused at initial treatment or post-operative treatments are the delayed complications.

·         Periprosthetic Fractures
·         Joints Fusion
·         Fracture Healing
·         Current Concepts, Results, Innovations