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Ritwik Ganguli

Ritwik Ganguli

KPC Medical college and Hospital, India

Title: Operative fixation of type IV-VI acromioclavicular joint separation: An internal splint technique


Treatment of acromioclavicular (AC) joint separation is controversial. Rockwood type I, II, III AC joint injuries generally treated conservatively. In the literature there is various treatment options described for treating type IV - VI injuries with good and poor outcome but no single gold standard method. Rockwood type IV - VI AC joint separation  treated with internal splint technique by passing Merselene tape through drill hole at lateral end clavicle, passing it  under coracoid process and tied it after reducing vertical displacement of AC joint. Simultaneously horizontal displacement corrected and Merselene tape passed through drill hole of acromian process and tied. Endobuttn supports Merselene tape at superior aspect of clavicle. This study was conducted between April 2015 to March 2019 in KPC Medical College and hospital, Kolkata after taking ethical committee permission. 20 patients undergo surgical fixation of type IV-VI AC joint separation within 3 weeks of injury. Outcome of clinical and radiological parameter assessment was at 6, 12, 24 weeks. Male female ratio was 7:3. Mean age 38.2 years, abduction was less than 100 degree in 2 patients at 6 months follow up due to inadequate compliance to physiotherapy. Other patients develop full Range of motion (ROM) and power of shoulder muscle 5/5. No cosmetic deformity except one painful scar. No postoperative displacement in alignment in Anteroposterior (AP) and axillary lateral view. This technique of interal spilint construct reduces need for rigid implant and biological procedure for acute AC joint dislocation though having excellent fixation strength, good reduction in both coronal and sagittal plane for proper healing of AC and Coracoclavicular (CC) ligaments.


MBBS (Hons and Gold medalist)
MS orthopedics (Medical College Kolkata)-Centre Topper
Diplomat In national Board (New Delhi) Orthopaedics
 Trained in Joint replacement Surgery
Trained in Arthroscopy and sports injury-Wakamatsu Hospital, Japan (ISAKOS approved Centre)
Experienced in advanced minimally invasive Joint surgeries
Current position:
Visiting consultant orthopedic and Arthroscopy surgeon AMRI hospital, Dhakuria
Professor and Head Arthroscopy Unit, KPC Medical College Hospital, Kolkata
Awards and achievement:
Presented paper and delivered lecture in different national and international orthopedic conferences(Paper presented in International society of Hip Arthroscopy Meeting , Santiago , CA 2017 SICOT congress, 2017) 
Member in ISKSAA (International Society for Knowledge for surgeons on Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty) , Indian arthroscopy Society (IAS), Indian Orthopedic Association(IOA)
 Dr. Ganguli has various publications in indexed national and international journals.