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Nahid Mehrabi

Nahid Mehrabi

University of Medical Science, Iran

Title: Developing a minimum data set for a rheumatoid arthritis registry in Iran


Using Minimum Data Set (MDS) is the first step in creating and developing a health care information system; it includes standard and key data elements to capture and manage patient care. We developed an MDS in order for using it for designing registry of patients with rheumatoid arthritis in Iran. It conducted at two stages , In stage one, qualitative method and semi-structured interview were used to identify the registry data elements of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Collected data was analyzed using content analysis method. In stage two, using Delphi method, the developed data set was revised and validated by 15 rheumatologists. Descriptive statistics using SPSS software was used to analyze the data in Delphi. The final MDS included 22 data elements, which were divided into two major categories of management data (including demographic data, and admission and discharge) and clinical data (including patient examination, treatment plans, and medication prescribed by physician).


Nahid Mehrabi has completed her PHD at the age of 54 years from Iran University of Medical Sciences, Iran. She is the faculty member of health information technology department of Army University of Medical Sciences, Iran. She has over 24 publications that have been cited over 90 times, and her publication h-index is 6.