Andres De la Espriella Rosales

Kaizen Medical Care, Colombia

Title: Decompression of axillary nerve branch of the teres minor muscle. Report of two cases


Introduction: Comprehensive pathology of the axillary nerve branch to the teres minor muscle comprises clinical symptoms that include: posterior shoulder pain, weakness of external rotation in abduction (Hornblower position), isolated atrophy of the teres minor on MRIor ultrasound, and/or isolated involvement of the teres minor on EMG. There are very few studies that talk about the incidence, because it is a little diagnosed clinical condition. Teres minor atrophy is found in 0.8% of all shoulder MRls.

Presentation of the case: A 59-year-old woman (Patient 1) and a 44-year-old man (Patient 2) who had in common the presence of chronic (more than a year) and intense pain (8/1O score) in their right shoulder (dominant limb in both cases) that had worsened in recent months and which was refractory to oral medications and physical therapies. None of the patients had a traumatic history and also reported increased pain with external rotation movements against resistance, active limitation in the last degrees of internal rotation due to pain, and irradiation of pain to the arm and posterior scapular region.

Conclusion: The surgical procedure improves the external rotation deficit and the functionality of the shoulder. The patients manifested marked improvement in shoulder and scapula pain, a symptom that generates more affectation in the quality of life and in the development of daily activities of these patients.


Andres De la Espriella is a medical doctor who graduated from Universidad Del Norte and Militar Hospital Center in Colombia. He also serves as a Colombian Air Force reservist doctor. Dr. De la Espriella furthered his medical career by becoming an orthopedic surgeon, completing his training at São Paulo University in Brazil. He holds specializations in shoulder surgery and sports medicine, which he acquired during a fellowship at Hospital Italiano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Dr. De la Espriella has also pursued additional studies in shoulder replacement, specifically at San Antonio, Texas University. He is the founder of the Kaizen Medical Care traumatology center in Barranquilla, Colombia, where he has performed over 2,000 shoulder procedures. His work has been recognized through numerous international orthopedics publications. He is an active member of the Latinoamerica Shoulder and Elbow Society, the Colombian Orthopedic and Traumatology Society, and the International Shockwave Society. Dr. De la Espriella is an international congress speaker on topics related to shoulder and sports pathology, where he shares his extensive knowledge and expertise.