Vadim Zeinalov

N.N. Priorov CITO , Russian Federation

Title: Recent methods of treatment of osteochondral lesions of talus


One from general problem among different pathological processes of ankle stays till nowadays is octeochondral lesion of the talus (OLT) based on aseptic necrosis of octeochndral bone with various deep of damaging. In spite of that this process was noticed and described by Alexander Munro in 1738 as free bodies in the ankle joint, OLT remains to our time like complex and complicated problem for both of ways in medical practice such as diagnostic and treatment. The clinical picture is represented in majority cases by symptoms that at first glance may not be clear and specific. With the annual growth of technological progress there are new opportunities and their availability for early diagnosis and treatment of OLT increases.?The aim of this work is a thorough analysis of current data on the etiology, pathogenesis of this complex medical problem, evaluation of modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of OLT on the basis of their evidence and effectiveness.


Zeynalov T. Vadim, received my scientific degree from Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics in Moscow in 2008. He spent last more than ten years as a surgeon for treatment of patients with pathology of foot and ankle area. Favorite direction is correction of post traumatic deformed foot and ankle .