Sihe Qin

Rehabilitation Hospital of the National Research Center for Rehabilitation Technical Aids, China

Title: Reconstruction of complex lower limb deformity with method of Qin Sihe technique plus ilizarov technique


The data of patients with complex deformities of lower limbs treated by Qin Sihe technique combined with Ilizarov technique from 2015 to 2012 were retrospectively analyzed. There were 6 cases (4 males and 2 females), aged 5-28 years, 4 on the right, 2 on the left, 2 cases in congenital tibial hemimelia, 1 case in congenital fibular hemimelia, and 1case in multiple chondroma; 1 case of sequelae of knee epiphysis injury and 1 case of knee deformity secondary to knee infection. Qin Sihe technique (one-stage osteotomy, tendon release and overall correction) combined with Ilizarov technique was used for limb reconstruction. One case underwent surgery 4 times, one case 3 times, one case 2 times and 3 cases 1 time respectively. All patients were followed up for an average of 8 years. Their deformity was well corrected, the length discrepancy of lower limbs was recovered, and the walking function was significantly improved without serious complications. Conclusion: Qin Sihe technique combined with Ilizarov technique can effectively preserve and reconstruct the anatomy and function of complex lower limb deformities and disabilities, operation simple and medical cost low, and is suitable for application and promotion in developing countries.


Prof.Qin is director and professor of Orthopaedic Surgery of the National Rehabilitation Hospital of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China. By December 2021, he had presided over 36,664 operations for various limb deformities and disabilities, created the largest database of limb deformity surgery cases with the most diseases in China, and formed Qin Sihe's medical method, diagnosis & treatment style, and limb deformity and disability reconstruction technology system. He has published more than 400 papers and 12 monographs. The “Lower Limb Deformations (Springer) was edited by him and his team, he is also the chairman of the International society for Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction,chairman of Chinese Desk of international ASAMI society; Chairman of China limb disability functional reconstruction society, chairman of China external fixation and limb reconstruction Committee, chairman of China "spina bifida society", and chairman of the Organizing Committee of the sixth world limb reconstruction Conference (ASAMI&ILLRS&BR- Beijing,2024).