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Sheik Abdullah

Sheik Abdullah

Vellore Institute of Technology , India

Title: Analyzing the characteristics and hospitalization of retrospective orthopedic patients with diabetic neuropathy issues – A case study


Analyzing and observing the clinical factors of orthopedic cases with diabetic issues explores different variations in medicinal characteristics. Nerve damage at different segments has to be noticed with orthopedic problems and medical complications. This research focuses on analyzing factors that influence the parametric symptoms and their associated characteristics for orthopedic patients prone to diabetic neuropathy. A significant trained optimization model has been used to measure the variance among the factors that influence neuropathy issues in legs, feet, joints, and hands. The disability is reckoned among the cases having 50% of diabetic neuropathy and its progressive impacts. It also expedites the review that subjects toward clinical importance, diagnostic measures, and the treatment focus on orthopedic recommendations. The symptoms are noticed in type II diabetic patients, with a significant increase in PPG and MBG levels. Statistical analysis has been made to determine the correlation among the factors contributing to the implication. The P-value is (P<0.001) significant among the disease-specific syndromes that represent the people's likelihood, location, and dietary habits.


A. Sheik Abdullah, working as Assistant Professor (Senior), School of Computer Science and Engineering, Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai Campus, Tamil Nadu, India. He received his Doctoral Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University, Chennai, in November 2019. His thesis is titled "A Novel clinical Decision Support Model for risk factor analysis in Medical data." He completed his Post Graduate in M.E (Computer Science and Engineering), from Kongu Engineering College, under Anna University, Chennai. He has been awarded a gold medal for his excellence in Post Graduate. He is an active member of professional bodies such as ACM, ISTE, IFERP, and Internet Society.