Saida Benmida

El Manar University, Tunisia

Title: Mechanical proprieties of human fresh cortical bone


Cortical bone is an anisotropic and viscoelastic composite material. Its elasticity modulus, cited in the literature, presents a disparity of results. The feature of this work is the nature of bone specimens that are used fresh immediately after their collection without any means of preservation that can influence the mechanical behavior. This study aims to determine the mechanical characteristics of the human cortical bone. We used human tibia cortical bone for young men aged 19, 24, and 28. They were all authorized by the ethics committee. They had tested by mechanical compression and tensile tests. Specimens had solicited along the longitudinal axis of the bone. The elasticity modulus has a mean value of 551 MPa in the compressive test and 3443 MPa in the tensile. The human cortical bone was more elastic in compressive than in tensile. The results can be used in the numerical modeling of the bone mechanical behavior and joint prostheses to determine the resistance and biocompatibility.