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PC Jagadeesh

PC Jagadeesh

AASRA Hospital, India

Title: Radiological and functional assessment between conventional and navigation knee arthroplasty- Indian experience


This prospective study compared the radiological measurements of knee and functional outcomes in patients who underwent navigation total knee arthroplasty with conventional total knee arthroplasty preoperatively and 3 months post operatively. The radiological measurements included mechanical axis of the knee in the frontal plane, femoral and tibial slope in sagittal pane of the components. The total number of patients included in the study were 420, men 114 and 306 women over a period of 5 years performed by a single knee surgeon.
From the study, the conventional group had 221 patients and navigation group had 199 patients. The mean preoperative mechanical axes was 3.6 varus angle in conventional group and 4.8 degrees varus angle in navigation group.
Post operatively in the frontal plane, valgus/varus deviation of 5 degrees or more were observed in 22 patients in conventional compared to 6 patients in navigation group. In sagittal view the tibial component slope +/- 5 degrees were observed in 24 patients in conventional group and 12 patients in navigation group. The femoral component sagittal slope of +/- 5 degrees were observed in 22 patients in conventional group and 14 patients in navigation group. The overall clinical knee society score including range of motion did not show significant difference between both the groups.
The navigation system has helped in achieving more reliable and reproducible mechanical alignment that may influence the longevity of the implants. However, no difference in clinical outcomes were observed between the groups.


PC Jagadeesh is a renowned consultant in orthopedic surgery, who has a vast experience of nearly 23 years. He specializes in procedures such as knee replacement, shoulder replacement, elbow replacement, arthroscopic surgeries of knee, shoulder, simple to complex trauma. He has done the first meniscal replacement surgery using CMI implant in India. Dr Jagadeesh had operated on many national and international players successfully and helping them to go back to sports to get medals and trophies. He has conducted training programmes for young and fellow surgeons to upgrade their skills across India. He has performed more than 7000 knee surgeries and more than 2000 Shoulder surgeries. He is a certified MAKO Robotic trained surgeon for knee and hip replacement and about to start robotic surgeries in his center. Currently he is Director and chief orthopaedic surgeon at AASRA Hospital Bangalore, India