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Olga Cecilia Suárez Caicedo

Olga Cecilia Suárez Caicedo

University Institution Escuela Nacional del Deporte, Colombia

Title: Effect of a rehabilitation protocol on the functionality and quality of life in patients with a total knee replacement. A cross-sectional study


Introduction: Total knee replacement (TKR) has one of the highest success rates, and functionality and quality of life depend primarily on appropriate physical rehabilitation. No physical rehabilitation guideline is registered with the Ministry of Health in Colombia. Objective. This study aimed to determine the effect of physiotherapy intervention on functionality and quality of life in patients undergoing TKR. 

Methodology: A cross-sectional cohort study comprising three assessments (preoperative, at three, and six months) using the WOMAC and SF12 questionnaires, physiotherapy assessment, and 36 home physiotherapy sessions in 10 adults over 65. The sample was taken from the participating surgeons waiting list between November 2017 and June 2018. 

Results: Stiffness and pain obtained p-values of .00 and .01, respectively, from the WOMAC questionnaire. There was a significant .009 level of functional capacity between the first and third assessments. The results of the SF12 questionnaire reflected improved health status, although with little limitation for moderate exertion or stair climbing. Strength went from 3 to 4+ in 80% of the population. Available ranges exceeding 90? of flexion were achieved in joint range of motion. Discussion. Outcomes in terms of functionality and quality of life align with those reported in the international literature.


Olga Cecilia Suarez is a physical therapist specializing in therapeutic physical activity, magister in higher education, and Ph.D. candidate in physical activity and sport. She has been a professor of physiotherapy at Escuela Nacional del Deporte for 21 years, participating in the GIESS research group- Interdisciplinary group in health and society.