Mohit Dua

Pt.B.D. Sharma University, India

Title: Coexistence of SLAP lesion/glenoid retroversion and articular/bursal sided partial rotator cuff tears in athletic patients


The aim of the study was to compare patients who underwent arthroscopic repair due to articular/bursal side partial rotator cuff tears in terms of the presence of SLAP lesion and glenoid version measurements.
Methods: Overall, 103 patients who had undergone shoulder arthroscopy in our institution for bursal-side or articular-side partial tears between the years 2009 and 2018 were investigated retrospectively. Sixty-One who underwent arthroscopic treatment for bursal-side partial thickness tear were included in group 1. Forty-two patients who underwent arthroscopic treatment for articular-side partial thickness tear were included in group 2. Video records consisting of the described surgery were used to evaluate the type of partial-thickness cuff tear and the presence of SLAP lesion. The glenoid retroversion angle was measured on preoperative magnetic resonance images.
Results: There were Ten patients with SLAP lesion (16.5%) in group 1 and Ten patients (23.5%) in group 2. There was a significant positive correlation in the presence of SLAP lesion and articular-side partial rotator cuff tear group (p = 0.031). The mean angle of glenoid retroversion was -1.99° in group 1 whereas -3.05° in group 2. There was a significant difference between two groups in terms of the average glenoid retroversion angle (p=0.025).
Conclusion: SLAP lesion rate and glenoid retroversion were found significantly higher in the articular-sided group compared to the bursal-sided group in athletic patients. The presence of SLAP lesion and glenoid version angle should be evaluated preoperatively when articular sided partial tear is detected. Determining the mechanism causing the tear in preoperative evaluation may change the treatment plan.


Mohit Dua, working as an assistant professor in one of the top medical college India named PT.B.D.Sharma PGIMS situated in Rohtak, Haryana presently he is in the Department of Sports Medicine and Sports Injury Center taking care of all the injuries associated with sports including arthroscopy of knee, shoulder and hip along with arthroplasty of these areas. Before this he was working in the department of Orthopedics in the same institution where he had worked mostly on trauma, tumour and paediatric Orthopedics cases. With experience of more than 8 years in orthopaedics now concentrating mostly in arthroscopy for the welfare of Sports. Having total of 18 indexed publication and 15 presentations at international and national level. Have done 4 fellowships including Paediatric orthopaedic from Austria, Arthroplasty from United Kingdom, oncology from tata memorial hospital and another one from Europe in Sports medicine department.