Virtual Conference
Maria Melanie Valbuena

Maria Melanie Valbuena

Philippine Orthopedic Center, Philippines

Title: A comparison of postoperative outcomes between internal brace augment and non-augmented hamstring tendon autograft anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR)


General Objective: To compare graft/internal brace survival, self-reported functional outcomes, and joint laxity among patients who underwent ACL hamstring tendon autograft reconstruction versus ACL repair with internal brace ligament augmentation
Methods: By blinding the exposed and control groups, the study design being applied is randomized control trial. Patients are randomly assigned into an experimental group or a control group. The control group will receive the standard practice of non-augmented hamstring autograft while the experiment group will be randomly assigned to the augmented hamstring autograft. The study design applied is prospective, experiment, experimental level of intervention, analytical and randomized control trial. To minimize bias and errors, all participants of the study were operated on by the same orthopedic surgeon. 
Results: Ten patients (mean age 22.3 years, range 21-23) who underwent ACLR with internal brace augmentation and 27 patients (mean age 24.3 years, range 17-43) without internal brace augmentation were included in this study. No patient from both groups underwent reoperation. No patient in both groups experienced ACL failure and underwent revision ACLR. There were no statistically significant differences between the internal brace and control groups for preoperative and postoperative Tegner activity scores (7.6 to 7.2, 6.1 to 7.0), postoperative IKDC scores (93.7 and 93.2), and Lysholm scores (96.2 and 95.9).
Conclusion: Compared to standard hamstring ACLRs, the study showed that the population who underwent augmented hamstring ACLRs exhibited improved PROMs, less pain, and a higher percentage of and earlier return to pre-injury activity level without evidence of overconstraint.


Maria Melanie L. Valbuena is currently a third year orthopaedic surgery resident in training at Philippine Orthopedic Center. She graduated with a double degree, MD and MBA at Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health last 2019.