Virtual Conference
Jesús Ortega Pinto

Jesús Ortega Pinto

San Diego Valley Medical Center, Venezuela

Title: Evolution of the arthroscopic treatment of chronic lateral epicondylitis – Preliminary result


Objective: To assess the outcome of arthroscopic release in patients with lateral epicondylitis.

Materials and Methods: Arthroscopic release of 3 patients with lateral epicondylitis is performed. 6 months follow-up is done. Mayo Clinic scale for evaluation of results is used. A review and discussion of the literature is made.

Results: 3 patients, 2 female and one male. Whose office everyday activities, not athletes. Patients had significant pain. It was the principal symptom that affect the score of the rating scale. These scores improved after surgery. Early repayment is achieved to normal daily activities. No neurological complications were reported.

Conclusion: Arthroscopic treatment is a safe and effective for treating lateral epicondylitis alternative. It is possible to simultaneously scan articulate to diagnostic and treat associated diseases. 


Jesus Ortega, 52 years old, traumatology and arthroscopy specialist of shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle. Member of the traumatology Department of San Diego Valley Medical Center, Venezuela. Professor of traumatology postgraduate of the University of Carabobo in the arthroscopy area.