Davi Leal Sousa

Federal University of Piauí, Brazil

Title: Incidence of injuries in motorcyclists practitioners from trails


Objective: To investigate the incidence, mechanisms, types of injury, most affected anatomical regions, and the factors leading to injuries in trail bikers.

Methods: This was observational retrospective research, analyzing 47 trail bikers. Data were collected through application of a referenced morbidity survey (MRI), which included information on injuries and their mechanisms.

Results: The with the highest incidence were abrasion and bruise, and the most affected anatomical regions were the shoulder and knee. And the most common injury mechanism was skidding or loss of traction.

Conclusion: Trail bikers are exposed to risk factors and, consequently, to falls, and it is important to develop more protective equipment, especially for the shoulder and knees.


Davi Leal Sousa is a researcher in the field of off-road sports, graduated in Physiotherapy from Faculdade Santo Agostinho. Postgraduate in Traumato-Orthopedic and Sports Physiotherapy at Uninovafapi University Center and in Functional Traumato-Orthopedic Physiotherapy with emphasis in Manual Therapy at State University of Piauí, Master's Degree in Science and Health at Federal University of Piauí.