Virtual Conference
Anna Pantouvaki

Anna Pantouvaki

General Hospital of Heraklion Venizeleio, Greece

Title: The effects of a multi-factorial rehabilitation program in functional mobility and in prevention of secondary falls in elderly with a hip fracture in a hospital setting


Falls in elderly is the most important factor of geriatric conditions leading to serious injuries, while hip fractures due to a fall is an increased phenomenon, which quite regularly leads to secondary falls within six months. The present study is expected to highlight the usefulness of a comprehensive rehabilitation program for patients over 65 years old with hip fractures after a fall, to prevent secondary falls and improve patients' functional independence, as well as the need for holistic management of the falling problem in elderly by an interdisciplinary team in the hospital environment.

Material @Methods: 100 in-patients with hip fracture surgery and with a high risk of secondary falls, muscle atrophy, are candidates for the intervention program. A randomization procedure will be held according to the age and sex for dividing equally, control and intervention group. All patients will be interviewed and assessed through questionnaires such as EQ-5D-5L, SARC F, LEFS, MSRA and objective tests as Sit to stand, Time up and go, grip strength in 6-8weeks after surgery. The intervention group will follow a modified Otago exercise program and training lectures for nutrition, ergonomy and exercising and then in 5-6m and 9 months all patients in both groups will be assessed again.

Results: The primary results of the exercise program are the effect on functional. The side effects will show the results on evaluating the functionality, fear of falling biomarkers and quality of life. In conclusion, the implementation of a comprehensive supervised treatment program, by an Inter-disciplinary rehabilitation team in a hospital environment, is a pioneering and innovative program to promote public health.