Alfania Carvalho

Fortaleza General Hospital, Brazil

Title: Bone densitometry in children and adolescents: main aspects


In recent decades, there has been a significant increase in the prevalence of children and adolescents with chronic diseases with potential impairment of bone health due to the disease itself and the therapy used. The monitoring and early diagnosis of osteoporosis in these patients involve clinical and densitometry parameters. Bone densitometry is the gold standard test for determining bone mineral density (BMD) and assessing body composition; children and adolescents tolerate it well because it is fast and painless, in addition to having high sensitivity and low radiation emission. Health professionals who care for children and adolescents must be familiar with this test because this procedure is still little requested in childhood and adolescence, unlike what happens with the elderly, where bone densitometry has its well- established use. Aspects of the exam in these age groups are relevant for better management and follow-up of these patients, such as its indications, factors that affect accuracy and analysis, fields to be studied, and principal information obtained from the exam. Bone densitometry represents a relevant diagnostic resource in the preventive approach to osteoporosis in the early stages of life and allows timely interventions with better results.


Alfania Maria de Carvalho has a Master's Degree in Child and Adolescent Health from the State University of Ceara, Brazil. Graduate physician from the Federal University of Ceara (UFC). Medical Residency in Pediatrics at Walter Cantidio University Hospital (UFC) and Medical Residency in Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis at Barao de Lucena Hospital (HBL- PE). Also a law student at Fortaleza University (UNIFOR). She currently works as a doctor in the Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Service of Fortaleza General Hospital (HGF), a reference center for highly complex procedures, the largest public hospital in the state network, where she researches osteoporosis and bone densitometry.