Alexey Miroshnikov

Academy of medico-technical Sciences, Russian Federation

Title: Medical technology of underwater vacuum hydromassage in a complex rehabilitation program for patients with comorbid diseases diseases


Comorbidity refers to the presence of two or more chronic diseases in a patient, making the estimation of comorbidity in patients an important part of clinical examination and treatment. The therapeutic method «AquaTornado» is based on the principle of a horizontal-vertical gradient of local discharge of soft tissues in the human body, also known as Underwater Vacuum Whirlpool Therapy. This procedure is carried out in water, which enhances the effect of local and general treatment. As a result, microcirculation, lymph/blood flow of intercellular fluid, and tissue drainage are improved. Clinical effectiveness and positive dynamics have been proven under the influence of the «AquaTornado» vacuum massage. This therapy can be recommended for integration into rehabilitation programs and complex treatments for patients with comorbid diseases, including those who have experienced COVID-19.


Miroshnikov has been involved in inventive activities for more than 47 years; he is one of the leading specialists in the field of film technology. In 1983 Alexey completed his PhD thesis in the field of Technical Sciences. Since 2009 he has been involved in physiotherapy and medical rehabilitation. Alexey is the author & developer of underwater vacuum therapy technology andhardware complex «AquaTornado». He holds 3 patents for his method of hydro-vacuum massage. This technology has been applied in more than 60 different medical centers. It is successfully used in recuperation and rehabilitation. He is the founder of "Water Flower" wellness centre, where they work on improvement of «AquaTornado» technology, do demonstrations and researches, organize staff training courses. For today, Miroshnikov is undertaking new research on the improvement of underwater vacuum therapy system. His dedication to research and development in this field is commendable, and his contributions to the medical community are invaluable.